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Meet Susan

I’m Susan Kochevar, small business owner, activist, Chairman

of CRBC and just a regular shmo. My family bought the

88 Drive-In Theatre located in Commerce City, in 1976. I grew

up serving customers at night and picking up trash and

cleaning the bathrooms in the morning.I still perform these

tasks. I grew up in Commerce City, graduated from Adams

City High School and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in

Communications from the University of Denver. 


Eventually, my parents retired and I now run the theatre. I am

working to keep the family business, my father's dream, and a true part of American history, alive.  The drive-in is a place

where families and friends can hangout, eat popcorn, teach

children to toss a ball and trade values while waiting for the

sun to go down and the features to begin. In the 40+ years

my family has owned this business I have watched taxes and regulations explode exponentially.


I have almost been regulated out of business several times. I haven't poured my blood sweat and tears into my livelihood,my small part of American history, to give it all up easily. I have fought back every time. In 2013, 20,000 of my customers came to my defense when the City of Commerce City, nearly ran me out of business.

It is my ambition to fight for individuals to live their dreams of opening and growing small businesses by reducing the tax and regulatory burdens.  Small business is the engine of our economy. They are where American ingenuity and ability shines through.  Small business is a ticket to a better life.

Reducing taxes and regulations will reduce the cost of taxes and fees and the time it takes to comply for families as well. Getting government out of the way, allows individuals to design their lives as they see fit.

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