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These are my priorities. And sometimes I even work on them in the park...

I like parks as much as the next guy, but it is about priorities. These are my priorities. And sometimes I even work on them in the park...

  • Healthcare premiums and deductibles have shot up since the Affordable Healthcare Act was implemented. Working parents and individuals need relief.

  • Transportation needs to be addressed. Roads and bridges need to be made a priority so Coloradans can get around and make it to a park.

  • Education options that meet individual needs are on the top of my list. The “one size fits all” approach does not meet the needs of our children.

  • Energy that is affordable and reliable is essential. I support oil and gas as well as renewable options that are developed by private business and not subsidized.

  • Small Business is booming due to the Federal Tax Cuts. We need to keep that boom rolling by cutting taxes and regulations in Colorado so individuals can start businesses and existing small businesses can continue to grow.

  • Privacy is a growing concern, both with warrantless searches and personal data collection.

  • Protecting private property from civil asset forfeiture and eminent domaine are essential for a safe and vibrant Colorado.

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