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I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported my campaign. I wish to especially thank the 43.07% of you who voted for me. We did not take the seat, but we are not going away.

In analyzing the results of the election, I find there is a big disconnect. Our fellow citizens voted down most tax increases and Amendment 112, which would have shut down the oil and gas industry in Colorado, but they elected the very people who will implement tax and regulatory increases and shut down oil and gas through legislation. Often I hear people say, “I vote for the person not the party.” I would encourage my fellow Coloradans to look beyond both the party and the person and look at the principles. The principles behind the policies of candidates are what determines the legislation that becomes law. The intended, and unintended, consequences of legislation not based on solid principle will be very bad for Colorado. I will be watching the legislation as it gets introduced into the legislature starting on January 6th, 2019, and posting blogs from time to time, pointing out the underlying principle and consequences, both short term and long term. Please check in from time to time or follow me on my Facebook page. If you wish to understand the principles that lead to good legislation I encourage you to follow: Principles of Liberty and CUT. Best regards, Susan Kochevar Candidate for House District 30

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